Anyone wishing to provide a positive testimonial for a healing or for favors granted through the intersession of Blessed Seelos can respond to this posting.


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      “Giving tours of the Shrine and St. Mary’s church is important, but caring and praying with visitors is the most personally rewarding part of what I do at the Seelos Center.”  Bill Zimmermann

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    CHURCH POINT, LA I am writing in thanksgiving for answered prayers through the intercession of Blessed Seelos. My daughter-in-law’s father fought cancer while wearing the relic of Blessed Seelos. Even though he died in April 2016, I believe Blessed Seelos was at his side helping him through his trials. Thank you, Almighty Father, for allowing Blessed Seelos to intercede for so many who call on him.

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    LOREAUVILLE, LA Our grandson Mason was born in September, 2000 with major heart problems. I called my cousin in Baton Rouge asking for prayers for him. Immediately she said, “Pray to Blessed Seelos!”. My family and I had never heard of Blessed Seelos but we did begin to pray. After six heart surgeries, he turned 16 this September. He is truly God’s miracle. We have visited the shrine of Blessed Seelos in New Orleans four times and we plan to go there again. Thank you Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos!

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    Sadness at Seelos

    Today started out with a somewhat sad tone.
    Shirley has quit and now I’m all alone.
    Perhaps Loraine may come more often to help out
    She comes every three weeks or there about.
    The first group that I prayed with was ten members long.
    From the grandfather on down the family bond was strong.
    The family prayed for a healing for their six year old child.
    With an inoperable brain tumor she was very weak and mild.
    They had traveled all the way from Miami to reach the Seelos Shrine.
    It took a lot of faith to drive so far and leave their home behind.
    Then a man and his wife asked for me to pray with them alone.
    A rare skin disease was depressing him and painful to the bone.
    Two men came at twenty-five minutes to three and asked for me to pray.
    So, I couldn’t leave early as I do most every day.
    The older man had a heart attack, had died and could not breathe.
    His friend used CPR to bring him back to life, a miracle to achieve.
    The older man lived in Greenville, Mississippi many years gone by.
    I finished pilot training there and Connie came along with a twinkle in her eye.
    So, I will miss my days with Shirley now that she has truly departed.
    She and Debbie were working there at the time that I started.
    As they say, life goes on and people come and go.
    Someone else will take her place, but whom I do not know.

    L.F. Bill Zimmermann

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